Splitting animals into different groups

After you have uploaded a session file, you may want to split animals into different groups

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If you have uploaded a session file to Datamars Livestock Cloud software, but want to report on animals in that session file across multiple groups, you can split animals into different groups based on data in your session file.

You may want to split your animals into groups according to:

  • Age

  • Sex

  • Breed

  • Source of origin

  • Owner of animals

For example, you might want to graze heifers and steers together in a single mob in the paddock, but track them in separate groups with different target weights.

To split animals into groups:

1. On the Actions screen, find the session file you want to split into multiple groups. Click on Assign or Change.

2. Select Split animals into different groups.

3. Select the field from the session file which you would like to base the split on (in this case, Sex).

4. Choose to assign each split to an existing group or create a new group.

5. Click on Done when each split has been assigned to the correct group.

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