What to do when an animal dies

Update the status of dead animals in Datamars Livestock in order to remove them from your groups

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When an animal with an ID dies on your farm from sickness or injury, you should update its status in Datamars Livestock.

This will mean that:

  • The dead animal will be removed from group reporting

  • When you view the individual animal's details, it will show as Died

There are two methods for doing this:

  1. Finding the dead animal manually in Datamars Livestock.

  2. Scanning the dead animal’s EID tag using an EID reader.

Note: You do not need to update the status of animals without IDs.

Finding the dead animal manually in Datamars Livestock

If you know the ID of the animal, or you can find the animal in Datamars Livestock (for example you identify an animal that hasn't been seen recently), you can update the animal's status manually.

  1. Find the animal on the Animals, Session Details or Group Details screen.

  2. Click on the animal's ID.

You will be taken to the Animal Summary screen.

3. Select Mark as died.

Scanning the dead animal's EID tag using an EID Reader

If you have the dead animal's EID tag, you can scan it, upload a session file containing the ID to Datamars Livestock, then update the animal's status.

  1. Start a new session file on your EID reader.

  2. Scan the EID tag of the dead animal.

  3. Upload the session file to Datamars Livestock.

  4. On the Actions screen, find the session file containing the dead animal, then select Mark as died.

5. Select All animals and click Update to mark all animals as died.

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