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Tips for uploading to NLIS

Tips to resolve common issues when uploading sessions to NLIS

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The Data Link mobile app and Data Link PC software helps you to comply with Australia's NLIS requirements by enabling you to send sessions directly to NLIS straight from your Android smartphone, Apple iPhone, or Windows PC.

You can:

  • send animals

  • receive animals

whether you are a:

  • Producer

  • Agent

  • Sale yard

Tips for common issues

Username and password

The most common issue that prevents successful session uploads is an incorrect NAIT username and password. The initial error from NLIS may be Access is denied. However, if you continue to try to upload the session the error will change to Unknown error which means NLIS has temporarily locked your account.

Try to resolve the issue by checking your username and password by logging into the NLIS website. If you have an issue logging in please contact NLIS directly on 1800 654 743.

Once you've checked your username password:

  1. Launch the Data Link app on your mobile device.

  2. Tap the Settings cog icon in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Tap the NLIS logo to log out.

  4. Tap NLIS logo and enter your login details.

  5. Try uploading a session to NLIS again.

Correct NLIS numbers

Check that you have the correct NLIS sending and receiving numbers for sessions to upload correctly.

For example, you may see the error The From and To PICs you have submitted are the same. This transaction has not been processed. Or, You are not authorised to transfer devices for the PICs you are transferring TO or FROM. This device has not been transferred. Contact NLIS directly on 1800 654 743 for issues about your NLIS numbers.

Updating dead animals

You will need to update dead animals directly with NLIS. This is not handled by Data Link currently. Step-by-step instructions are provided here.

Animals already registered or transferred

Sometimes NLIS will provide a logical error which means that the upload was successful, but for specific animals, no changes were required. For example, a successful transaction may say This device is already registered to the PIC that you are transferring TO. This device has already been transferred. This means that the animal was already registered and no further action is required.

Having trouble?

  • Ask us a question in the blue messaging tool on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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