The Data Link app works with the S2 and S3 indicator to record weights straight onto your Android smartphone, and Apple iPhone or iPad. You can also record weights straight onto your Windows computer using Data Link for PC.

Check that the S2 or S3 indicator settings are correct for your weighing environment before you start weighing.

Recording weights

  1. Open the Data Link app and register or log into Datamars Livestock.

  2. Choose the S2 or S3 indicator from the list of devices that appears and connect to it.

  3. Select Start Recording Weights and name your weigh session.

  4. Choose whether you will be weighing individual animals (one animal on the weigh platform at a time) or groups of animals (a number of animals on the weigh platform simultaneously).

  5. Select Start Session.

  6. Press the red REC button to record the weight once the weight has stabilised. If the REC button is greyed out, wait until the animal's weight has stabilised. At any time during the weigh session, you can swipe right to view statistics about that session.
    Tip: If you enter the animal's VID while weighing, you can monitor individual animal growth in Datamars Livestock.

  7. Tap the check mark in the top right-hand corner when you have finished weighing.

Note: If you accidentally record an animal weight or ID incorrectly you can tap the Animals tab to bring up all the animals weights recorded. Select the trashcan icon next to the weight or ID you would like to delete.

If you have already logged into Datamars Livestock on the Data Link mobile app, sessions will automatically upload to Datamars Livestock.

Resuming a previous weighing session

You can resume weighing animals as part of the previous session. Instead of selecting Start Recording Weights, select Resume session.

If you have already logged into Datamars Livestock on the Data Link mobile app, the updated session will update in Datamars Livestock as well.

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