Exporting data to your computer

Download data from your sessions, groups or all animals to utilise in other data management systems

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You can export your Datamars Livestock Cloud Software data from any screen that has a data in columns.

Locating data

  • To locate session data, click Sessions from the left-hand menu and select the session name you want. Choose the Animals tab.

  • To locate group details, click Groups from the left-hand side display and select the group you want. Choose the Animals tab.

  • To locate animals, click Animals from the left-hand side display which will bring up a list of all the animal data in Datamars Livestock.

Exporting data

Tip: You can choose to view different Columns and filtering the Rows.

1. Use the Columns selector to select which columns are visible and that you want to include in your export.

2. Click Add Filter to filter data.

3. Click Export, then select Spreadsheet (CSV) or PDF.

Data downloaded as a spreadsheet can be opened and edited in Excel, or uploaded back onto your Tru-Test device using Data Link PC software.

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