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Uploading files onto your Tru-Test device
Uploading files onto your Tru-Test device

Upload animal data onto Tru-Test devices from Datamars Livestock or another animal data management software

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Animal data can be uploaded onto Tru-Test devices using Data Link PC software for Windows. You may want to upload draft files, alerts, ID bucket files (EID/VID pairing) or other related data to help better manage your animals and keep track of weigh or scan results.

The type of data you can upload will depend on the Tru-Test device you have. Check the quickstart guide for your device to see what options are available.

Here are some suggestions:

Tip: If you need help with this process, ask us to help in the blue messaging tool on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

Adding, updating and formatting files

You will need to check that the data you want to upload to your Tru-Test device is in the correct format.

Data Link PC software uses column names to determine if it should create a new column, or update an existing column on your Tru-Test device.

If you want to import new data into an existing column, ensure the column name is exactly the same both in your spreadsheet and on your device. Ensure the file is saved in the preferred file type to upload .CSV (comma delimited).

Column name in spreadsheet:

Column name on device:

If you have any columns in your spreadsheet that don't have matching names in your device they will be created when the file is imported onto your device.

Uploading files onto your Tru-Test Device

1. Once the files are formatted and ready to upload, plug your Tru-Test device into a Windows computer using the cables provided.

2. On your computer, launch Tru-Test Data Link.

3. Data Link will automatically scan for, and find the Tru-Test device plugged into your computer. Once it has found it, click Put information onto device.

4. Choose Session files.
Tip: If you have new columns in your data that don't yet exist on your device, there may be times when you want to choose the Animal lifetime information option instead. Continue reading further down this article to learn more about Session data and Life Data.

5. Find the file where you saved it, this will likely be in your default save location such as the Downloads folder. Select the file to upload to the device.

Tip: To select and upload more than one file, hold down the Ctrl or Command key then click on each file you would like to upload. If you have a lot of files to upload you can click on the first file, then hold the Shift key and click on the last file, all the files in between will also be selected.

Data Link will inform you that the files were successfully uploaded to your device, or if there were any errors.

Selecting Session or Life Data

If you choose to upload files as Session files this will update any existing fields that are Life Data with the new information, but will create any new fields as Session Data. If you want to create new fields as Life Data choose the Animal lifetime information option in Data Link or create the fields on your device before uploading the session.

Note: Only some devices support the creation of custom columns. Check your Tru-Test device's quickstart guide for more information.

Having trouble?

  • Ask us a question in the blue messaging tool on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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