Data Link PC Software works with the S2 and S3 indicator to record weights onto your Windows computer. You can also record weights straight onto your mobile phone using Data Link for mobile.

Check that the S2 or S3 indicator settings are correct for your weighing environment before you start weighing.

Recording weights

  1. Open Data Link PC software on your Windows computer.

  2. Plug the indicator into your computer with the supplied USB cable and wait for the indicator to connect.

  3. Select the icon for starting a new session or select Files then Start new session.

  4. Name the session and select a location to save your session to (e.g. your desktop) and click Save.

  5. Once the weight has stabilised, press the Record button to record the weight.
    Tip: If you enter the animal's VID while weighing, you can monitor individual animal growth in Datamars Livestock.

  6. When you've finished weighing, close Data Link PC software.

  7. Your weights will be recorded in the session you created and saved earlier (e.g. your desktop).

Once the weigh session is complete, you can now upload your session to Datamars Livestock.

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