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Farm Management energizer mobile app
Controlling and viewing the status of the energizer
Controlling and viewing the status of the energizer

Using the Farm Management mobile app to control and view the status of the energizer

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The Farm Management mobile app allows you to control the energizer and see at a glance how it is performing:

Power button - turn the energizer Off or On.  

Current voltage - displays the output voltage of the energizer. This would typically be around 8.5-9.5 kV, unless the target voltage has been reduced or there is a problem with the fence.

Target voltage - this is the maximum voltage you would like the energizer to reach. Under normal circumstances, this would be set to 9.5 kV but you may want to lower the voltage. For example, you could set the voltage lower in an area where unsupervised children might be (around a house or next to a public roadway).

Alert trigger - you can set an alert trigger so that you are notified when the current voltage falls below a certain point. This option is only visible when the energizer has been connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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