If you are having problems with your electric fence or energizer, diagnose the issue using the information below.

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To analyse problems with your electric fence and energizer you will need to:

  • View the energizer status in the Farm Management app. 

  • Measure the fence voltage using a Fault Finder or Fence Remote Control or a Digital Voltmeter (DVM).

  • Examine the lights on the energizer

Problems with the electric fence?

In the Farm Management app, the Current Voltage is low (e.g. 5 kV), even though the Target Voltage is set to high (e.g. 9 kV). The Fence Voltage measured is also low (e.g. 4 kV).  

A branch may have fallen on the fence or something may be entangled in it. Disconnect the energizer from the mains power supply, then check the fence.

In the Farm Management app, the Current Voltage is high (e.g. 9 kV) but the Fence Voltage measured is low (e.g. 4 kV)

This indicates an issue with the earthing system. The earth system should consist of at least 9 earth rods. The soil your earth system should be in moist soil which is conductive. For detailed advice on installing and maintaining an earth system, visit the Speedrite, Stafix or PEL website. 

Problems with the energizer?

The energizer is switching to Standby mode unexpectedly
A neighbour's remote control may be affecting your energizer. Change the address setting on your energizer and remote control.

The energizer goes offline occasionally when connected to Wi-Fi

This may be caused by either:

  1. Weak connection between the Smartphone and internet. Move the Smartphone closer to the router or 3G/4G/5G network to get a stronger signal.

  2. Weak connection between energizer and router. Move the energizer closer to the router or install a booster.

The energizer is displaying a fault code (either all of the red LEDs are illuminated and some of the green LEDs are illuminated OR the first red light is flashing).

In the Farm Management app, connect to the energizer to see what the fault code is. If the issue is with temperature, move the energizer to a cooler location, out of direct sunlight. If the issue is mains voltage being too high or low, talk to an electrician.

For all other faults, take a photo of the fault code being displayed on the energizer and contact your distributor who will arrange servicing.


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