The energizer and remote control will communicate when they have been set to the same address setting. Set the remote control to an address setting between 1 and 15.

To set the remote control address setting:

  1. Press and hold ON, then press Power to enter the Setup menu.

  2. Press ON repeatedly to scroll through the list of setup options until you get to the Address (Ad) option.

  3. Press OFF repeatedly to scroll through the list until you get to the desired address setting.

  4. Press ON.
    A moving arrow appears on the display. After a few seconds, the handset will switch off.

 To set the energizer address setting:

  1. Tap Address.

  2. Select an address setting to match the remote control's address setting. 

Tip! If your energizer is switching to Standby unexpectedly, this may be because a neighbour's remote control is affecting your energizer. To fix this, change the address setting on your remote control and your energizer.

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