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Recording dead animals in NLIS

Update an animals status to Dead directly to NLIS using the Data Link mobile app.

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The Tru-Test Data Link mobile app helps you to comply with Australian NLIS requirements. You can now update your animal status as dead in NLIS straight from your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone.

Note: Recording animals as Dead requires the Data Link mobile app to be on version 3.4.0 or above.

Uploading sessions to NLIS

After you've downloaded your sessions off your Tru-Test device:

  1. Go to the All Sessions screen, and select the session you want to send to NLIS.

  2. Select the NLIS icon and log into NLIS if you haven't already.

  3. Choose Update Status to Dead.

  4. Click Upload to NLIS to send the session. Sessions will send when you have internet access.

If you have more than one session you want to send, choose another session and repeat the steps above.

Afterwards, you can view sessions you've sent to NLIS by selecting the NLIS icon at the bottom of the screen in the All Sessions view.

Note: Only animals with EIDs will send or receive to NLIS.

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