Perform the following checks, then attempt to connect again:

1. Do you have the latest version of Data Link for Apple iPhone?

Download Data Link app for Apple iPhone or if you already have the Data Link app, update to the latest version.

2. Is the Location setting on your iPhone switched on?

You need to set permissions on your iPhone so that Data Link can access your location while in use.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How to change the Location setting on your iPhone for Data Link.

3. Do you have a compatible device?

Some Tru-Test devices aren't compatible with Apple iPhones, see if your device is supported.

4. Is Bluetooth® enabled on your Tru-Test device?

For instructions on enabling the Bluetooth setting on your Tru-Test device, refer to the quickstart guide that came with your device. Quickstart guides are available for downloading from our website

5. Is Bluetooth enabled on your iPhone?

Make sure that the Bluetooth setting on your phone is enabled. Watch the first few seconds of this video for assistance.

6. Try forgetting the Bluetooth device on your iPhone

If you have previously had Bluetooth functioning correctly, but it is no longer working, go to the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and 'forget' the device before attempting to pair the device again:

After you have performed all of the above checks, attempt to connect the Tru-Test device to the Data Link mobile app again.

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