Drafting by Weight with a Remote WOW Drafter

You can draft animals with your Remote WOW Drafter using weight information in Datamars Livestock cloud software

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You can draft animals by weight with your Remote WOW Drafter. For example, you may want to draft your heaviest animals to be sold. Animals and their weights must be already recorded in Datamars Livestock.

Before you begin:

Drafting animals by Weight

1. In Datamars Livestock, click Groups then click on the group of animals you want to draft from.

2. In the Group by Weight chart, adjust the weight parameters.

3. Click on a section of the chart to select a subset of animals e.g. click on the yellow part of the chart to select 74 animals weighing more than 440 kg.

4. Click + Add Filter to add an additional criterion, if required.

5. Click Export then Remote WOW Drafter to send the list of animals to the Remote WOW Drafter.

6. Type a Draft Name e.g. Draft over 440 kg.

7. If you have more than one Remote WOW Drafter on your farm, select a Draft Device.

8. Click on a Draft Direction Arrow, then Draft.

8. Within a few minutes, the list of animals will be sent to your Remote WOW Drafter.

9. When an animal belonging to the list of animals has its EID scanned, it will automatically be drafted by the Remote WOW Drafter. Animals not in the list will walk straight through.

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