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Updating a Tru-Test 3000 series indicator software
Updating a Tru-Test 3000 series indicator software

Update your Tru-Test 3000 series indicator to take advantage of the latest software upgrades

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To take advantage of the latest features on your Tru-Test 3000 series indicator (XR3000, ID3000, SR3000 or JR3000), ensure that it is upgraded to the latest software version 2.4n. This software version has the ability to connect to Tru-Test HD5T load bars.

Note: The software update can only be completed on Windows computers.

Checking the software version of a 3000 indicator

Before attempting to update the 3000 indicator software, check that an update is required by locating the software version details on your 3000 indicator.

  1. Turn on the 3000 indicator using the the red power button.

  2. Select SETUP to view the Settings menu.

  3. Select the far right blue button to bring up the next screen options.

  4. Select ABOUT button to view the indicator information screen.

  5. The SW Version is located at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

If your software version is not 2.4n it should be updated.

Before beginning the updating process, we strongly recommend transferring all important data on your 3000 indicator onto a computer first using Data Link PC software.

When updating the 3000 device software, the data on your device will remain intact. However, in the rare occurrence that power is cut during the upgrade it can lead to data issues.

Downloading the 3000 software update

Installing the 3000 software update

Once the latest software is downloaded on your computer, you can begin the updating process.

1. Ensure Tru-Test Data Link is closed on your computer.

2. Locate and open the folder containing the update file.

3. Right-click on the file name (e.g., and select Properties.

4. Go to the bottom right-hand side of the properties pop-up. If you see Unblock make sure its ticked and select Apply. If you don't see Unblock go to next step.

5. Connect the 3000 series indicator to the computer and turn it on.

6. Double left-click the file name to open the folder containing the update.

7. Double left-click the file to begin running the software update. You should see

Sending Load Program with a progress bar followed by Sending new firmware.

8. Once the software is finished updating you will see the message Update Successful. Select Exit to complete the update.

Having trouble?

  • If you see an error message please contact us directly. We have remote support capabilities and will be able to resolve your error.

  • Contact Datamars Technical Support on AU 1800 248 774 or NZ 0800 248 722.

  • Alternatively message the Datamars Technical Support Team by using the blue messaging tool on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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