Ensure you have connected to the Remote WOW solution with your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone, as you will need to access the Precision Pastoral web app to troubleshoot issues.

Poor or lost satellite connection

  1. Connect to the Precision Pastoral app and scroll down to the Satellite Signal Strength indicator.

  2. If the satellite signal strength is zero you likely have a connection issue with the antenna and need to check it's plugged in correctly.

  3. If the satellite signal strength is >0 and <56 you need to reposition the antenna.
    Loosen off the solar panel frame mounting bolts to allow the frame to swivel. See picture below. Point the antenna North (towards Papua New Guinea) and swivel it around until you get the highest satellite signal strength possible >56.

  4. Check the Status Value now reports as Connected.

  5. Reboot the Remote WOW by turning the toggle switch off for 5 seconds, and then on again.

  6. Check the satellite strength indicator is >56.

  7. Fasten the solar panel frame mounting bolts again.

Electronic (EID) tags not being read

  1. Connect to the Precision Pastoral app and scroll down until you see Last RFID.

  2. Position an EID tag past the EID antenna and confirm that you can see the number in the Last RFID box.

  3. If no EID appears, check the antenna is plugged in properly and the XRP2i/XRP2 indicator's red light is on. If the indicator is working correctly, a green light will briefly appear when an EID is scanned.

Liveweights are not accurate

  1. Connect to the Precision Pastoral app and scroll down to Liveweight.

  2. Physically stand on the platform and check your own weight.

  3. If you can't see your weight, check the rubber and poly seals along the side and front of the reader. Remove any debris and check for damage.

  4. Check the inner and outer platform's rubber and poly seals have no rocks or debris impeding movement.

  5. Check under the platform for any rocks or debris that could prevent movement.

Drafting gates are not opening, or opening the wrong direction

  1. Connect to the Precision Pastoral app and scroll down to Draft Gates.

  2. Ensure the drafting gates are clear.

  3. Test the drafting gates can open in the right direction.

  4. If the wrong gate opens, the motors need to be swapped over at the gate. Double-check that the gates are opening in the wrong direction. Position 1 should open the gate the same side as the EID antenna. Use a 6 mm spanner to swap the motors over.

Camera image is not appearing in Datamars Livestock Cloud Software

  1. If you can't see the camera in Datamars Livestock, it may not be getting power, or there may be a bad connection in the electronics box.

  2. Check the camera is connected to the battery securely.

  3. Check the ethernet connection to the electronics box is plugged in correctly.

Having trouble?

  • Contact Datamars Technical Support on AU 1800 248 774 or NZ 0800 248 722 for help troubleshooting any Remote WOW issues.

  • Ask us a question in the blue messaging tool on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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