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Loading and applying the Z Tags tissue sampler and tag
Loading and applying the Z Tags tissue sampler and tag

Load and apply the Z Tags tissue sampler and tag (TST) correctly to ensure you collect a good quality sample

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Loading the TST onto the tagger

  1. Push the metal plate on the tagger up, and slide the female and container tag underneath it.

  2. Slide the male tag onto the tagger pin and move it to left or right side of the tagger.

  3. Clip the container flag onto the tagger lug, and move the female tag to same side as the male tag.

Tip: Check that the blue cutter tip is correctly aligned by closing the tagger until the cutter tip reaches the the female and container tag. Reload if needed.

Applying the TST

  1. Position the TST in the middle of the animal's ear, between the two large veins, with the male tag at the back.

  2. Drive the tagger all the way through the animal's ear until you hear a double click. (First click is for the visual tag, second click for the tissue sample.)

  3. Remove the tissue sample container tag from the tagger and place it into a bag.

  4. Finish sampling and tagging all your animals, then send them to your preferred laboratory.

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