Installing a Patriot PE series energizer

Watch a video to learn how to install your PE2, PE5 or PE10 series energizer (charger)

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Always follow safety guidelines as stated in your Patriot energizer user guide.

Your PE series energizer needs to be installed and grounded correctly for energy to flow along your electric fence.

Watch the video below to learn:

  • What Patriot products and tools you require for installation

  • Where and how to mount the energizer

  • How to set up your grounding system

  • How to attach the wires to the energizer

  • How to check your energizer and electric fence are working

Note: In the video, a PE2 energizer is used as an example, the installation is the same for the PE5 and PE10 energizers.

If you prefer written instructions, refer to the user manual for your PE series energizer which has step by step instructions for an AC 120 V Line connection or a DC 6 V / 12 V battery connection.

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