Recording treatments on the XR5000 indicator

Record treatments against animals on the XR5000 indicator to keep track of their health requirements and withholdings periods

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The Treatments feature allows you to record animal treatments into your XR5000 indicator while weighing or recording other data. The data can then be exported to upload to your animal data management software or for animal health verification purposes.

Note: The Treatments feature is only available on the XR5000 indicator, not the ID5000 indicator.

Watch the video below to learn:

  • How to set up a new treatment on the XR5000 indicator Treatments screen.

  • How to select and turn on a Treatment to use in a Session.

  • How to create a new Session and record a treatment against an animal.

Note: Treatments cannot be uploaded back onto your XR5000 indicator from Data Link PC software, treatments can only be downloaded off your XR5000.

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