Favourites are saved configurations to help you with repetitive or particular animal recording tasks on your property.

The XRS2i/XRS2 comes with two preloaded Favourites:

  • Basic: Records the animal's EID and VID number.

  • Induction: Records the animal's EID, VID, Sex, Breed and Date of Birth.

New Favourites can be created under Settings and then Favourites.

Note: Before creating a Favourite, you must turn on all the data fields and settings you would like to have for the favourite, then go into the Favourites settings to save a new one.

Watch the video below to learn:

  • How to start and name a new session.

  • How to select a Favourites setup for your session.

  • The benefits of using and creating Favourites.

Note: In the video the XRS2 is used as the example. The accessories and set up is the same for the XRS2i.

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