Favourites are saved configurations on the XRS2i/XRS2 EID stick reader (XRS2) to help you with repetitive or particular animal recording tasks on your property. You may want to set up a new Favourite configuration for your property to make it easier and faster to record animal data.

For example, you can set up a Favourite for pregnancy scanning your dairy cows and record the cow's Electronic ID (EID), Visual ID (VID), life time or birth ID (LID), and pregnancy scan results (early, mid, late or empty). This ensures the data is recorded in a standardised format and can be used to make on-farm decisions about managing calving or dry-off dates.

Watch the video below to learn how to:

  • Check your data fields are turned on in the XRS2i/XRS2 Settings

  • Create a new Favourite setup

  • Start a session and select a Favourite

Note: In the video the XRS2 is used as the example. The accessories and set up is the same for the XRS2i.

Note: Before creating a Favourite, you must turn on all the data fields and settings you would like to have for the favourite.

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