Create an information field on the XR5000 indicator to record new data or upload custom data from your animal data management software. You may want to create information fields to draft animals, or view specific data as you weigh to track performance such as an animals' origin for inducting animals from other properties.

Watch the video to learn how to:

  • Create a new information field on the XR5000 indicator

  • Check that the new information field is turned on to use

Note: Depending on what information field you are creating, you will need to select different data types (numbers, text, animal ID, etc) and information fields. There are three types of information fields:

  • Session information
    This is information that changes over time and should be recorded each session, such as weights or body condition score.

  • Lifetime information
    This is information which will not change over the lifetime of the animal, such as breed, sex, date of birth.

  • History view of previous session information
    This field enables you to view previous session information when recording a new session, such as body condition score.

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