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Setting up alerts on the XRS2i/XRS2 EID stick reader
Setting up alerts on the XRS2i/XRS2 EID stick reader

Use the alerts feature on the XRS2i/XRS2 EID stick reader to receive alert messages for particular animals

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The alerts feature on the XRS2i/XRS2 EID stick reader (XRS2) allows you to receive alert messages about particular animals as you scan their electronic ID (EID) tags.

You may want to set up alerts for:

  • Splitting your cows by their calving date (early, mid, late).

  • Identifying animals within a mob for health treatments.

  • Locating animals that are being sold or moved properties.

  • Identifying animals that aren't in your data management software.

Watch the video below to learn how to:

  • Create an alerts file on your PC.

  • Transfer an alerts file on to the XRS2i/XRS2 using Data Link PC software.

  • Enable Alerts on the XRS2i/XRS2.

Note: In the video the XRS2 is used as the example. The accessories and set up is the same for the XRS2i.

For written instructions, continue reading below.

Creating an alerts file

An alerts file can be created in Microsoft Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet program, or you may want to download a file with animal EID numbers from your preferred animal data base software.

An alerts file requires only two columns of data.

  • EID: Electronic ID of each animal you would like to alert on.

  • Alert: A message to appear on your XRS2i/XRS2 when the animal's EID is scanned.

Note: EID is the only identification field that can be used to set up alerts, you can't use the visual ID or birth ID.

Save the alerts file in a location on your computer that is easily accessible such as your Desktop. You will upload this file to the XRS2i/XRS2.

Transferring an alerts file on to the XRS2i/XRS2

1. Connect the XRS2i/XRS2 to your computer and open Data Link PC software.

2. Select the Put information onto device > File > Put information onto device.

3. Select Alerts file and Next.

4. Using the file explorer, locate the the alerts file and click Open.

5. A success message should appear once the alerts file has been uploaded.

Note: If you don't receive a success message, the alerts file may not have transferred. This could be due to the file being incorrectly formatted.

You can check the alerts by selecting Alerts on Data Link PC software while the XRS2i/XRS2 is still plugged in.

Enabling alerts on the XRS2i/XRS2

Before scanning your animals, ensure the alerts feature on the XRS2i/XRS2 is turned on and set up correctly.

1. Unplug the XRS2i/XRS2 from your PC.

2. Turn on the XRS2i/XRS2 and select Settings and Alerts.

3. Enable Alerts.

4. Make sure the second option is set to If EID is in Alerts file.

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