If you want to scan animal EIDs directly into 3rd party herd management software or an Excel spreadsheet, turn on HID mode on your XRS2 or SRS2 EID stick reader. Then, scan animal EIDs to record or view specific data for those animals.

HID mode works with Windows computers, Apple and Android devices to send EIDs to software and apps (herd engagement, note taking or spreadsheet apps) that haven't directly integrated with the XRS2 or SRS2.

HID mode changes the Bluetooth® configuration to act as a keyboard wedge on your XRS2 or SRS2 enabling it to send the EIDs to your device.

Note: You should be running software version 1.4.01 or above. See how to upgrade device software.

Watch the video to learn how to:

  • Turn on HID mode

  • Connect an XRS2 to your Windows PC via Bluetooth (also works with the SRS2)

  • Scan an EID into Microsoft Excel

Change the connect mode back to Default from HID mode otherwise you won't be able to scan EIDs into a weigh scale indicator.

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