Auto increment ID fields on a 5000 series indicator

Turn on the "auto inc" feature on your 5000 series indicator to automatically go to the next ID when inducting or retagging animals

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You can automatically increment ID fields on your 5000 series indicator for inducting new animals or retagging your herd. This works for existing ID fields (VID and LID) on all 5000 series indicators, or custom made ID fields on the XR5000.

Auto inc can be turned on and modified to set a base value to start from and add an affix. You may want to do this if you're splitting your herd into mobs/paddocks/birth year, or so that you don't end up with duplicate tag numbers in your herd.

  • Prefix - Adds a value to the beginning of the base number (e.g. A16, A17, A18)

  • Suffix - Adds a value to the end of the base number (e.g. 16A, 17A, 18A)

Watch the video to learn how to auto increment animal visual tag numbers (VIDs):

  • Turn on the VID field

  • Turn on Auto inc

  • Set a Base value and an Affix

  • Record an animal and auto increment the VID

Note: Auto inc is turned off when starting a new session. To use auto inc on a new session, you will need to start the session then go back into the ID field settings and turn on auto inc.

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