You can set up your Tru-Test XRS2 EID stick reader to connect with a portable barcode label printer via Bluetooth®. You may want to use a portable label printer to print barcode labels associated with animal data such as EIDs and VIDs for traceability on DNA and blood samples, or on fleece or velvet.

The XRS2 EID stick reader has the ability to customise the labels printed within the Bluetooth Advanced settings. The settings can be configured to change the data printed, barcode length and size for different requirements.

Note: The XRS2 should be running software version 1.4.4 or above. See how to upgrade your XRS2's software.

Watch the video below to learn how to:

  1. Set up the XRS2 Bluetooth settings

  2. Turn on the barcode label printer

  3. Connect the XRS2 with the barcode label printer

  4. Print a barcode label with an EID

In this example, we use the barcode label printer to print a barcode label with just the animal EID from the XRS2.

Note: The barcode label printer must be programmed to work with the XRS2, otherwise it will not print when an animal is scanned.

We recommend using the Zebra ZQ500 series barcode label printer range, such as the ZQ511 and ZQ521 printers. These are robust and rugged portable printers which we have experience setting up for farm/property and traceability projects.

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