The EID stick reader can be set up to connect with a barcode scanner via Bluetooth®. You may want to use a barcode scanner to scan barcodes into an animal data field. For example, scanning a DNA sample barcode number into the XRS2i/XRS2 to match it with the correct animal sampled.

Custom data fields on the XRS2i/XRS2 can be created to input a scanned barcode, or you can use an existing animal data field such as the EID or VID.

Note: The XRS2i/XRS2 should be running software version 1.4.4 or above. See how to upgrade your XRS2i/XRS2's software.

Every model of barcode scanner is slightly different. We have a list of major barcode scanner brands and the setting required for them to work correctly. If your brand/model is not listed, refer to the documentation supplied with your barcode scanner. For more information on purchasing a barcode scanner, talk to your local territory manager.

Watch the video to learn how to:

  1. Set up the barcode scanner

  2. Connect the XRS2i/XRS2 to the barcode scanner

  3. Set up a new animal data field

  4. Modify the barcode scanner configuration on the XRS2i/XRS2

  5. Use the XRS2i/XRS2 and barcode scanner

Note: In the video the XRS2 is used as the example. The accessories and set up is the same for the XRS2i. In the video, we use set up the XRS2 to scan a barcode on a DNA sample tube, to link it the animal's EID number.

Note: Step 1: set up the barcode scanner will be different for all brands and models of barcode scanners.

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