During the installation of the active tag solution, the installer will have set up the farm in the Datamars Livestock web app and created an administrator's account for the farm owner or manager.

These credentials should be used to sign in to the Datamars Livestock web app. An invitation must then be sent out to all staff, consultants, vets using the active tag solution.

Note: Only someone with Admin permissions (i.e. the farm owner or manager) can invite users and this must be done in the Datamars Livestock Monitoring web app. Users cannot be invited in the mobile app.

When creating a user, different permission levels can be applied to staff members, depending on their role:

Permission levels

A viewer can

  • View animals in heat

  • View the health status of animals

  • View animals within their VWP

  • Draft animals

  • Check the system

  • Change notifications using the web app.



A member can do all of the above plus...

  • Assign active devices to an animal

  • Add events to an animal record (e.g. mark as inseminated).

  • Undraft an animal.

  • Change an animal to a different group


Farm hand


An admin can do all of the above plus...

  • Set up drafting, groups and VWP using the web app.

  • Invite and edit users.

  • Edit farm details.


Farm manager

Farm advisor

To invite a new user:

  1. Click on Farm Settings. In the Users section, you will see all existing users registered to your farm. In the Invitations section, click Invite users to your farm.

  2. Enter the user's email address and select the permission level you would like them to have. Click Add more to invite other users, if required.

  3. Click Send invitations.

Note: Once a user has followed the steps in the invitation email, they will appear in the list of users. However, if they have not accepted the invitation within 30 days, their invitation will expire and you will need to send them another invitation.

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