Uploading session files from a computer

Multiple session files saved on your computer can be uploaded to Datamars Livestock cloud software

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You can upload any previous session files that you've saved from a Tru-Test device.

Uploading session files from your computer is great when you're first getting started and are importing all your past session files, or when importing custom data. However, when using Datamars Livestock as part of your weighing process we recommend uploading directly from a Tru-Test device.

Uploading sessions files

1. To upload previous session files saved on your computer, select Upload Files from the Upload screen.

2. From your computer, select the files to upload. Files saved in CSV format are recommended, however some browsers will also support uploading of the Excel (XLS, XLSX) formats.

Tip: To select and upload more than one file, hold down the Ctrl or Command key then click on each file you would like to upload. If you have a lot of files to upload you can click on the first file, then hold the Shift key and click on the last file, and all the files in between will also be selected.

Having trouble?

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