Updating the 5000 indicator's software

Before you can upload sessions from your 5000 indicator into Datamars Livestock, you should update the indicator's software.

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Check which software version your 5000 indicator is on, by powering on your indicator and going through the following menus:

  1.  Settings > Next page > General setup > About 

  2. Check that the software version reads 2.9.2 or above.  
    If it doesn't, you will need to update it to enable session uploads to Datamars Livestock.

In order to update the 5000 indicator's software, you will need the following items:

  • 5000 indicator with sufficient battery charge 

  • USB cable that came with your indicator

  • PC or laptop with Data Link for PC installed

The video below shows you how to update your 5000 indicator's software.

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