Uploading sessions using Data Link PC software

Upload session files to Datamars Livestock cloud software using Data Link PC software

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After recording animal information on your Tru-Test device simply connect the device to your computer, and use Data Link PC software to upload your sessions to Datamars Livestock.

1. Connect the Tru-Test device to your computer and launch Data Link.

2. Select the session files you want, and click on the Download icon.

3. Choose Get Selected Session files and then select Send Sessions to MiHub Livestock.

4. Enter your Datamars Livestock username and password and choose Login. Once you have logged in your session files will be uploaded to Datamars Livestock.

Out on farm and not able to reach a computer? You can use the Data Link app for Android smartphone or Apple iPhone instead. Or, upload session files directly from your 5000 indicator using Wi-Fi.

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