The gateway should be mounted:

  • where there is internet access, either wireless (Wi-Fi) or wired connection (ethernet).

  • as high as practicable, to ensure best performance.

  • within 500 m (1/3 mile) of where the nearest node will be mounted. We strongly recommend a clear line of sight between the gateway and the nearest node. Any objects in the way, e.g. walls, steel, foliage (especially when wet), metal or reinforced concrete will affect the performance of your system and you will need to include more nodes and space them closer together.

  • on a wooden wall or a stud.

  • on the outside of a building, where the connectors are protected from the weather and water ingress, or if this is not possible, then where a window will provide clear line-of-sight with the location of the nearest node.

Watch the video to learn how to:

  • Unbox the fence monitoring system

  • Set up the Datamars Livestock software and download the app

  • Install the gateway

  • Connect the gateway to the app (Tip: Make sure your phone is connected to the internet and Bluetooth is ON)

To install the gateway you will need:

  • Gateway and power adaptor (supplied)

  • 2 x gateway mounting screws (supplied)

  • Impact driver and pozi drive screw bit

  • Ethernet cable (if using a wired internet connection)

  • Extension lead (if necessary)

  • Waterproof sealing tape (if using a wired internet connection outside)

Caution! If the gateway is being installed outside with a wired internet connection, wrap the ethernet-gateway connector in waterproof sealing tape to protect it from the weather.

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