You can quickly and easily integrate VAS DairyComp with Datamars Livestock.

Once VAS DairyComp is integrated, VAS DairyComp will send Datamars Livestock:

  • Animal details including pen membership

  • Lactation details including states for selected pens

  • Reproduction data including insemination records, pregnancy checks and calving dates.

Data is synchronised every 24 hours, at midnight.

Setting up the integration on VAS PULSE

  1. Log in to the VAS PULSE platform and follow the integration instructions supplied by VAS.

  2. Locate the Dairy ID on the VAS Setup page.

Setting up the integration on Datamars Livestock

  1. Log in to the Datamars Livestock website and select Farm Settings and Integrations

  2. Click Connect beside VAS, enter the Dairy ID and click Connect.

This will successfully integrate Datamars Livestock with VAS DairyComp and data will begin to flow into Datamars Livestock.

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