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Creating an animal deterrent wire for a fence node
Creating an animal deterrent wire for a fence node

If animals are interfering with a fence node, a piece of electrified wire can be added to the node to act as a deterrent.

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Animals interference can sometimes affect the function of a node. If a node cannot be positioned away from where animals are in close proximity, you can add a small piece of electrified wire to discourage animals from touching it.

You will need:

To create an animal deterrent wire for a fence node:

1. Using the cable specified above, cut a length sufficient to reach from the fence node to the live electric fence wire. Strip 200 mm (7½") of insulation from the end of the cable.

2. Use the screwdriver to help bend the stripped cable back on itself until it resembles a U-shape.

3. Remove the fence terminal knob and washer from the fence node. Thread the animal deterrent wire over the terminal, then replace the knob, sandwiching it between the two washers as shown.

4. Bend the insulated cable away from the terminal using your fingers. Bend the stripped cable away from the terminal, using a screwdriver to help.

4. Angle the animal deterrent wire diagonally across the face of the fence node as shown.

5. Bend over the sharp wire at the top of the animal deterrent wire to prevent animals hurting themselves on the sharp end of the wire.

The completed animal deterrent wire.

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