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Understanding the Average Daily Gain (ADG) calculations for a WOW system
Understanding the Average Daily Gain (ADG) calculations for a WOW system

Average Daily Gains (ADG) calculations are different for a WOW system and a standard weighing setup

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Datamars Livestock software takes into consideration the 'gut fill' of an animal when calculating the Average Daily Gains (ADG) for a WOW system.

What is 'gut fill'?

Gut fill is the percentage of an animal’s liveweight which can be attributed to the contents of its stomach. Gut fill can be affected by:

  • water access and water quality

  • time since feed and/or water access

  • feeding levels and type of feeds

ADG Calculation for a WOW system

With a WOW system, an animal is likely to be weighed multiple times in a single day with different levels of gut fill. In order to remove the influence of gut fill, the ADG is calculated using a three week (21 day) rolling average and may take up to four weeks (28 days) before you see a value.

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