You can quickly and easily integrate BoviSynch with Datamars Livestock.

Once BoviSynch is integrated, information is shared as detailed below.

BoviSynch will send Datamars Livestock:

  • Animal details

  • Lactation data

  • Reproduction data

Note: Data is synchronised every 24 hours, at midnight.

Datamars Livestock will send BoviSynch:

  • Details of animals in heat

Note: The time and frequency of synchronisation is set by BoviSynch.

Setting up the integration on BoviSynch

  1. Log in to BoviSynch.

  2. Click on Setup and Copy Farm API ID.

  3. Email your BoviSynch Farm API ID to

4. The support team will contact you when the integration is complete, then data will flow between the two systems.

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