Reproduction issues impact a cow's ability to get back in calf if not identified, costing you time and money.

With Active Tag continuously monitoring your animals, we’ll notify you when these issues happen on your farm.

We recommend checking animals which are identified as having reproduction issues daily.

Anestrous animals

Anestrous animals have not had a heat after calving. Identifying them before starting breeding helps you intervene early to get them cycling. This can improve submission and in-calf rates.

Animals are detected as Anestrous (Early) 35 days after calving with no heat and are Anestrous (At Risk) 50 days after calving with no heat.

If a cow is scanned empty or has an abortion recorded, we also look for and alert Anestrous issues.

Anestrous ends if:

  • A heat is identified

  • An insemination is recorded

  • A cow is scanned in-calf or,

  • A calving happens

An active device must be fitted for a minimum of 24 days before a notification for an anestrous animal will be received.

Irregular heats

An animal with Irregular heats has 3 of more heats in 30 days. This can often indicate a reproductive issue, such as cystic ovaries.

If an animal has Irregular heats, we recommend you check her activity graph to ensure you are happy the heat is valid before breeding.

Irregular heats ends if:

  • Heat cycle returns to normal, or

  • A calving happens

An active device must be fitted for around 25-25 days before a notification for irregular heats will be received.

Reproductive Issues Report

Animals marked as Anestrous or Irregular heats are included in this report.

When an animal no longer has an issue, they automatically leave the list. This ensures you always have a real-time view of your problem cows.

To view animals with possible reproductive issues using the web app:

  1. From the Home screen, click on Repro Issues,

  2. On the Repro Issues screen, all animals identified as anestrous or as having irregular heats are displayed.

  3. Click on an Animal ID to see more information about the animal.

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