The Datamars Livestock web app allows you to view breeding information for all your animals in the Breeding screen. We recommend checking for animals which have not been inseminated once a week.

To view a breeding report in the web app:

Click on Reproduction, then Breeding.

Use the quick filters at the top of the screen to identify:

  • Animals which have not been inseminated. Identifying these animals can help increase your submission rate (the proportion of animals ready to be inseminated that are actually bred).

  • Animals due for a pregnancy scan. These are animals which were inseminated more than 30 days ago and could be pregnant.

Use the advanced filter to see your breeding performance at a glance. For example, you could filter on a combination of:

  • Number of inseminations

  • Days since last calving

  • And more

Having trouble?

  • Contact the Datamars technical support on AU 1800 248 774, NZ 0800 248 722, +1-888-431-0957 (US Toll Free) EU +353212428844, UK +442045717717 or

  • Ask us a question in the blue messaging tool on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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