You can set the number of days dry before calving. Animals due to calf will be dried off and will not be milked during this period.

The number of days dry will be used to determine the dry-off date for pregnant animals.

The default setting is 60 days dry before calving, but this can be modified in the web app, if required.

To configure the number of dry days before calving:

  1. Click on Farm Settings, Reproduction then Edit reproduction configuration.

2. Modify the Days before expected calving to set the number of dry days animals will have before their calving date.


  • The number of days dry can only be configured in the web app, not the mobile app.

  • You can only configure the number of days dry if you have admin permissions.

  • In order for the dry-off date to be calculated accurately, the animal's insemination date must be recorded in the database. Each time an animal is inseminated, this should be marked as an event.

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