What is the range between the gateway and an active device?

Up to 500 m (540 yards) where there is direct line of sight. Objects such as trees and buildings blocking line of sight may interfere with the read range in that direction.

How long does data stay on an active device?

Data will remain on the active ear tag or active collar for 10 days. The oldest data disappears first.

How can I see the status of the battery in an active collar or active ear tag?

Use the web app to check the status of active devices. Click on the active device to see the battery level, together with other information.

Can I integrate other farm systems and synchronise data with Datamars Livestock and Active Tag?

Yes, Datamars Livestock supports integration with drafting/sorting gates and farm management software.

How can I stop getting so many email or push notifications?

Change the notifications for your account using the web app.

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