Troubleshooting - Assigning active tags

Help for assigning active tags to animal IDs

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The mobile phone connection keeps dropping out

A reliable internet connection is required in the location where you are assigning tags.

If you are using an EID Reader to scan tags, it must be within 5 m of the mobile phone.

I can't assign tags on my Android phone - the pairing wizard doesn't start

Check the app settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > Datamars Livestock > Permissions.

  2. Ensure that Nearby Devices is set to ON.

I get an error message about the EID tags being in the wrong format

The Datamars Livestock Active Tag Monitoring system supports EID tags in one of these formats:

  • Decimal1

  • Decimal2

  • Hex

How should I set up my EID Reader?

The Bluetooth Connect Mode and Output settings must be set to default.

  1. Go to Settings / Bluetooth / Advanced.

  2. Set Connect Mode and Output must be set to [Default]

Why can't I connect to the EID Reader?

Check that the EID Reader is not connected to another mobile phone or Tru-Test device such as a weigh scale indicator. When you first turn on the EID Reader, the LED lights should be off. If the LED lights are on, break the connection with the other device and try again.

What should I do if I have a duplicate ID?

It is essential that each animal can be uniquely identified. Remove the duplicate tag and replace it with a unique VID/LID. If this is not possible, make a note of the error and correct it using the Datamars Livestock web app, by adding a prefix/suffix e.g. 123-red tag, 123-friesian. See Troubleshooting - Duplicate IDs and fixing errors

Having trouble?

  • Phone the Datamars Smart Farming support team:
    AU 1800 248 774
    NZ 0800 248 722
    US +1 (888) 431-0957 (toll free).
    UK +44 20 4571 7717
    IE and EU +353 (21) 242 8844

  • Ask us a question in the blue messaging tool on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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