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Using 'Find My Cow' to find missing animals or tags
Using 'Find My Cow' to find missing animals or tags

Use 'Find My Cow' to locate an animal or a missing active tag

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You can find an animal or a missing active tag using 'Find My Cow' using the Datamars Livestock mobile app. 'Find My Cow' does not require any special hardware or setup. It can be used by anyone who has Datamars Livestock mobile app and is a member of your farm.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How to activate 'Find My Cow' on your mobile phone

  • How to systematically walk through the pen to find the animal you are looking for.

  • How the display changes when you are within proximity of the animal.

  • To swipe right when an animal is found.

  • How to calibrate 'Find My Cow' to adjust the sensitivity.

  • Tips for using 'Find My Cow'

Before you start:

  • Make sure that animals are within range of the gateway, preferably in an enclosed area such as a barn, milking shed or parlour.

  • Check your mobile phone to make sure that Bluetooth is ON.

To find an animal or missing active tag:

1. In the main menu, tap on Find My Cow, then Activate Animal.

2. Enter the ID of an animal you want to find or the animal ID associated with the missing tag. Tap on the animal record, then OK.

3. Begin walking systematically along a row of animals. The display changes as you get closer to the animal:

Short orange lines

You are within 20 m (60') of the animal. Keep walking!

Long orange lines

You are within 10 m (30') of the animal. Keep walking!

Green lines

You are within a few metres (3-6') of the animal.

4. Once you have found the animal or missing tag, swipe right on the animal record:

5. After 15 minutes, 'Find My Cow' will time out for that animal if she hasn't been found. Tap on Reactivate to resume the search, if required.


  • You can search for multiple animals/tags at a time by tapping on the compass icon in the top right-hand corner of the Find My Cow screen and entering more animal IDs. We recommend finding a maximum of 10 animals at a time so that you can easily see them on the screen at the same time. As you find each animal/tag, swipe right on the animal in the list. 'Find My Cow' will continue to search for the remaining animals/tags.

  • At any time, you can tap swipe left on an animal record, then Deactivate to stop searching for a particular animal/tag.

  • Begin at one end of a group of animals and walk in a steady predictable pattern towards the other end. Be methodical and ensure that you get near all animals in the group.

  • If you are having trouble finding cows, you can adjust the sensitivity to control how close you are to an animal when the lines display in green.

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