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Changing the internet provider on a WOW system (LTE connections only)

You may need to change the internet provider for your WOW system e.g if the default internet provider does not have adequate coverage.

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If your WOW system has an LTE internet connection, it will have a SIM card installed and an internet provider pre-configured. In some circumstances, you may need to change the default provider, for example if the default provider does not have reliable internet coverage or is not available in your location.

To change the internet provider, you need to:

  • Replace the supplied SIM card with a replacement from the new internet provider.

  • Modify the APN settings in the Datamars WOW Configuration app. You need to find out the APN (Access Point Name) details from your internet provider.

To replace the SIM card in the control box:

  1. Open the lid of the control box.

  2. Locate the SIM card on the PCB board. Gently push the SIM card in with your fingers and it should pop out. Replace it with the new SIM card:

To modify the APN settings using the Datamars WOW Configuration app:

  1. Position yourself next to the WOW system.

  2. Go into your mobile phone settings and check that Wi-Fi is set to On.

  3. From the list of available networks, select RemoteWOW and enter the password trutestRemoteWOW.

  4. Open a browser (e.g. Google or Safari) and type into the address bar.

    This will launch the Datamars WOW Configuration app:

5. Go to the Settings screen.

6. Scroll down to APN (LTE internet connection).

The details of the default internet provider are displayed in the Current field.

7. In the APN field, enter the APN details for the new internet provider being used. If you do not have this information, contact your new internet provider or the Datamars Smart Farming Support team (see below).

8. Tap Update APN.

Having trouble?

  • Phone the Datamars Smart Farming support team:
    AU 1800 248 774
    NZ 0800 248 722
    US +1 (888) 431-0957 (toll free).
    UK +44 20 4571 7717
    IE and EU +353 (21) 242 8844

  • Ask us a question in the blue messaging tool on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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