Uploading a list of animals to be drafted (sorted)

A list of animals can be uploaded for drafting with the Dairy Drafter/Sort Gate.

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You can upload a list of animals to a draft (sort) list. If you have a large list of animals, this is quicker than adding individual animals one-by-one. It can also be useful if you are using a farm management software.

The file containing a list of animals must be in .csv format CSV (comma delimited). A .csv file can be created in Excel or similar spreadsheet software or it may be generated by some farm management software programs.

Caution: There are several types of .csv file formats available in Excel. Only the CSV comma delimited .csv file type will work:

The .csv file must follow these conventions:

  • It must contain a column with EIDs, VIDs or LIDs. The IDs used in the file will be matched to the IDs in Datamars Livestock.

  • To make importing easier, it is helpful to include a header row with labels for EID, VID or LID.

  • The IDs must be formatted to exactly match the IDs in Datamars Livestock (e.g. if the EIDs in Datamars Livestock contain a space, this is how they must be formatted in the .csv file).

Example .csv file containing EIDs

Example .csv file containing VIDs

Example .csv file containing LIDs

Note: Uploading animals from a .csv file can only be done using the web app, not the mobile app.

To upload a list of animals to a draft list:

  1. Click on Drafting and select the draft list you want to upload a list of animals to.

  2. Click on Import to draft list.

  3. Select the .csv file which you created and saved earlier. Click Open.

  4. Select the animal ID column from the file e.g. VID

  5. Select the animal ID to match it to in Datamars Livestock e.g. VID

  6. Select the pen which you want animals to be drafted to.

  7. Click Import animals to draft list.

Having trouble?

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