Checking and recalibrating the beam sensors

The beam sensors on the Dairy Drafter/Sort Gate may need checking or calibrating.

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The three beam sensors determine the position of the animal within the race. They are critical to the functioning of the Dairy Drafter/Sort Gate.

The three beam sensors may need to be checking during troubleshooting if you suspect they are not working correctly.

A beam sensor may need to be calibrated if it is knocked out of position or if you replace a beam sensor with a new one.

To check a beam sensor:

  1. Move an object (such as a large piece of cardboard) 3/4 of the way across the race at a 90° angle to the beam sensor you are checking.

  2. On the Gate Manager, press [Auto/Manual] to put the Gate Manager into manual mode. Check the LEDs on the Gate Manager. The correct beam sensor LED should illuminate when the beam is broken (Entrance Beam, Saloon Beam or Exit Beam).

To recalibrate a beam sensor:

  1. Use a flat-bladed screwdriver to turn the adjuster counter-clockwise as far as it will go. The minimum setting is 20 cm (8").

    The Green LED illuminates in stable light conditions:

    2. Place an object ¾ of the way across the race, at a 90° angle to the beam sensor.

    3. Turn the adjuster slowly in a clockwise direction until the Red LED on the beam sensor illuminates. The Red LED indicates when it has sensed the object:

    4. Repeat the calibration procedure on the other beam sensors.

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