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Maintaining the Dairy Drafter/Sort Gate

You should check and maintain your Dairy Drafter/Sort Gate to keep it in good working order.

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Follow these guidelines to check and maintain the Dairy Drafter/Sort Gate.


Check power is on.

Check air pressure is set to a minimum of 0.5 MPa/73 psi at idle.

Warning! Do not exceed 0.6 MPa/87 psi. This could result in injury to animals.

Clean Dairy Drafter

Hose to remove mud/manure


Check beam sensors are clean.

Wipe with a cloth to remove mud/manure

Drain air filter/pneumatic regulator.

Drain any water which has accumulated in the air filter/pneumatic regulator.

Keep the tie-rods greased.

Grease the tie rod end bearings and external eyelet bearings to keep the gates moving smoothly.

Check gates are firm.

Check that all gates are correctly adjusted with a firm fit. Turn off the air pressure and move the gates manually. They should move freely.


Keep grease topped up.

Pump grease into the main grease line to distribute grease to the bearings inside the channel. We recommend using NLGI #2 grease and pumping 5 times every six months.

Caution! Pump slowly ~one pump per second.

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