90% of connection issues between Data Link and Tru-Test devices can be resolved by re-installing the USB driver using Data Link. The following steps should be the first method you try.

Before you start

First, you need to ask Data Link to search for your device:

  1. Connect the Tru-Test device to your Windows PC with the supplied cable and turn on the device.

  2. Launch Data Link.
    You should see a message Searching on all ports:

Next, you need to re-install the device driver using Data Link. Data Link should then connect automatically with your device.

1. In Data Link, click Tools > Updates > Reinstall device driver:

2. Follow the prompts to re-install the USB driver. Data Link should establish a connection with your device using the updated USB driver.

If this does not resolve the issue, try re-installing the USB driver using the Windows Device Manager (advanced).

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