Drafting by Life Data with a Remote WOW Drafter

You can draft animals with your Remote WOW Drafter using life data information in Datamars Livestock cloud software

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Here are some examples of how this could be useful:

  • Drafting calves from their mothers to wean them.

  • Drafting all animals that belong to a contract e.g. for grazing or sale.

  • Drafting by sex e.g. separating heifers and steers.

Before you begin:

There is some key information you need to know:

Drafting animals by life data

1. In Datamars Livestock, click Groups then click on the group of animals you want to draft from.
Note: If you do not have a group you want to use as your starting point and you want to apply criteria to ALL animals in Datamars Livestock, start in the Animals screen and begin at step 2.

2. Click Animals then Columns. Tick the life data field you are going to draft by e.g. Year Born.

3. Click +Add Filter. Set criteria to filter the animals you want to draft, e.g. Year Born equal to 2020.

4. Click Export and select Remote WOW Drafter to send the list of animals to the Remote WOW Drafter.

5. Type a Draft Name e.g. 2020 Born Calves.

6. If you have more than one Remote WOW Drafter on your farm, select a Draft Device.

7. Click on a Draft Direction Arrow, then Draft.

8. Within a few minutes, the list of animals will be sent to your Remote WOW Drafter.

9. When an animal belonging to the list of animals has its EID scanned, it will automatically be drafted by the Remote WOW Drafter. Animals not in the list will walk straight through.

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