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Emailing session files from a Windows computer
Emailing session files from a Windows computer

Email session files to your veterinarian, client, nutritionist or consultant directly from your Windows computer

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Once you have recorded session files on your Tru-Test device you can upload them to a Windows computer using Data Link PC software. Session files can be emailed.

Email session files from a Windows computer

2. Open your preferred email software (Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, etc.) and compose a new email.

3. Select Attach Files (paper clip icon). This will bring up your computer's folder browser. Locate the files that you saved earlier using Data Link PC software (This may be under Documents > Tru-Test > Data Link) and click Open.

Tip: Multiple files can be selected at once by holding the Shift key on your keyboard and clicking on each file name.

4. Once the files are attached, you can compose your email and send it off to the recipient.

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