After recording data on your Tru-Test device you may want to download the files onto your computer to save as a backup, to edit the data, or upload it to your preferred data management software.

Watch the video to learn how to:

  • Connect your device to Data Link PC software

  • Download selected sessions from your device to your PC

1. Plug your Tru-Test device to your computer and use Tru-Test Data Link PC software.

2. Select the session files you want and click the Download icon or Files > Get information off the device.

3. Choose Get Selected Session files and then select Save Selected Sessions files to this PC and Next.

4. Choose a location to save the files to on your computer and press Save.

Note: The download will default to the folder Data Link under Tru-Test within your Documents folder.

The files can now be used in a spreadsheet program (Excel or Google Sheets) or uploaded to your preferred data management software. The files can also be uploaded to Datamars Livestock from your computer.

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