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Attaching an active ear tag

See how to attach and fit an active ear tag correctly

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Once you have assigned an active tag to an animal ID, attach the active ear tag to the animal you've just paired with. Only attach an active ear tag after you have completed the assigning process.

What you will need:

Watch the video to learn:

  • How to load an active ear tag into the Z Tags No-Tear Tagger™.

  • How to attach the active ear tag to an animal.

To attach an active ear tag to an animal:

1. Insert the female part of the tag into the bottom of the Z Tags No-Tear-Tagger:

2. Push the male part of the tag onto the pin:

3. Make sure that the ear tag is facing forward with the male part of the pin at the back of the ear. Locate the active ear tag between the two large veins. It can be positioned beside a VID tag, if required.

Warning! Do not attach the active ear tag too close to the animal's head or it will limit motion.

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